NSA Is A Uniquely Customized Course That Answers All Of Your Questions About Relationships, Dating And Men. By Going Through Various Topics – Controlling Your Thoughts, Emotions, Confidence, Meeting And Understanding Quality Men, Dating Efficiently, And Successful Relationships – You Will Discover How To Find, Connect With And Keep The Man Of Your Dreams.

"Thank you for your inspiring words , encouragement , coaching & life lessons! Your book & purpose in life is a blessing to the world."


I finally see why my approach to my relationships hasn't always yielded the best results. Too many times we spend time in relationships trying to shape the other person, never taking the time to work on ourselves in the process. I began practicing self talk, not only with my own relationship but professionally as well and WOW what a distinct difference. Your transparency, and knowledge of personal development truly exemplifies someone that can lead by example. Kudos!

What You'll Get Out Of This Course
  • Increase Your Knowledge About Men - Fully understand what men are really thinking, how to meet their needs and how to use the challenges they face with dating/relationships to your advantage
  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence - Take full control of your thoughts and emotions, enhance your best features and minimize the things holding you back 
  • Take Full Control Of Your Results With Love - Finally become the director, writer and star of the incredible love story you dreamed of by taking control of your results
  • Create an exciting and passionate relationship with a committed man
  • Discover what destructive things you're probably doing to your relationship that is destroying your chances of saving it. Learn the simple principles to make your man turn towards you instead of turning away.
  • Give off the kind of great energy men crave. This is a huge part of attracting and keeping the right man.
  • Learn how your childhood and parents may still cause pain today in your romantic relationship and how to address it
  • Address your emotional baggage so that old wounds don't sabotage your new relationships!
  • Become immune to heartache and effectively deal with rejection or break-ups. 
  • Know when to trust your feelings. Sometimes, your feelings can cause you to think  guy is "Mr. Right" and he's really just "Mr. Right Now." 
  • Master the art of first impressions. This can undoubtedly make or break your love story
  • Regain your sense of personal power around men. Strong women are attractive to men
  • To Eliminate the cause of your arguments and learn how to communicate how you feel effectively.
  • To Stop Wasting Time and Energy with the wrong men
  • Identify the clues to tell within weeks if he is serious about moving forward
  • Discover what every man wants you to understand about him and learn how to apply that knowledge to the man in front of you
  • Learn how to reprogram the fears you have in your love life. The habit of worrying won't help you meet the right guy or be the right woman for the right guy
    Are You Using The Cross Finger Theory?

    “Hoping Without Acting?”

    Or do you have a clear-cut plan to Find the love of your life and/or Maintain a successful relationship?

    If you are “winging it,” don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. Most people do.

    More importantly, what actions should you take when it comes to finding and keeping love?

    The Challenge is we were never taught how a successful relationship works. As a result, we end up improvising and relying on luck. However, the increasing divorce rate is a strong indication that we need a little more than just good chemistry to make a relationship last.

    In his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, bestselling author Napoleon Hill talks about the top 30 hindrances to success. Right in the middle of that list is what he calls “Wrong Selection of a Mate in Marriage.”

    Hill states selecting the wrong mate is a significant hindrance and is “a most common cause of failure”.

    Hill further emphasizes his point claiming, “The relationship of marriage brings people intimately into contact. Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow. Moreover, it will be a form of failure that is marked by misery and unhappiness, destroying all signs of AMBITION.”

    I would also add that being the “wrong mate” can also impact your success or failure at love.

    Together, we'll address limiting beliefs like "All men cheat. Men aren't interested in me. There are hardly any decent guys out there anyway. Relationships will eventually get boring."

    We'll replace them with new beliefs that will allow you to feel more confident which will allow you to have more control over the results you are currently experiencing.

    If you are Single you'll start attracting better-quality men. 

    The type of men you really want to date, rather than the boring nice guy or Bad Boy that always seems to waste your time.

    If you are in a Relationship you'll cause your man to fall hopelessly in love with you all over again. 

    Unsure If You Are With The Right Man...
    Being with the wrong man can have such a negative impact on your life long term. It is almost impossible to give your undivided attention to a man if you aren't certain he is the one for you. 

    Your life could be filled with resentment, countless arguments and unfulfilled intimacy if it is spent with the wrong person.

    That undivided attention is exactly what will have your friends and family celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary one day.

    Trust me I know it is hard to commit because you can clearly remember the last time you let your guard down to experience intimacy again only to realize after 3 months or 3 years, that you and our partner are drastically incompatible. 

    How did that situation make you feel?

    If you are like most people you can't help but think of all the opportunities that were missed because you wasted so much time with the wrong person.

    This is why understanding your blueprint and knowing exactly what you want will drastically reduce the chances of you wasting time and energy on the wrong person.

    Far too many people make permanent decisions, like Marriage and Divorce, based on temporary emotions.

    We have found that the perfect balance between logic and emotion can be the secret ingredient to finding and maintaining the love of your dreams.

    Of course that is something we haven't been taught.

    Our beliefs about how love works have been shaped by television, movies, magazines, music and people around us who all have been influenced by what I’ve listed above. By having those jaded influences thrown in our face it’s no wonder why we have such a cloudy vision of love.

    Often times it is what you know that will make a relationship flourish, not how you feel.
    I don’t have to teach you how to feel.

    That is something that happens all by itself.

    What has been missing from most people’s love tool belt are those practical “how to” tools that make love a success for most people.

    No one can tell you who you should be with. However, if you can gain complete clarity on what you want long term from love it will become much easier to identify who should get your time.

    After all.

    Time is the most important thing you have.

    Dating A Guy That Won't Commit...
    Have you ever had an intense connection with a great guy?

    He was good looking and caused you to feel like no other guy has ever made you feel. On paper is seemed like he had everything you could ever ask for in a guy.

    However you are stating to worry because it has been a few months/years and he still doesn't show signs of committing to be your girlfriend/husband.

    What do you do?

    You don't want to pressure him because you've heard many times before that men are not attracted to a nagging spouse.

    Now you are starting to question if he is the right man for you. This is a tough position to be in because subconsciously you are holding back the love you should be giving to your ideal partner.

    Before we can answer the question of why he won't commit to you we have several other questions that need to be answered first. 

    I know it may be very difficult for you to see but you could be pushing him away without even knowing it. You don't have to be a screaming jerk to scare a man off. 

    All you have to do is not pay attention to the many signs around you long enough.

    Once you are clear and confident that you are doing everything in your power you can walk away from that "situationship" knowing that you did all you could to save that union. 

    Broken Heart
    "Time heals all wounds."

    If you are over the age of 30 I'm sure you have heard this advice before. However time could make you think about it less but is not a true solution.

    There are many things that can hold you back from experiencing lasting love. Not properly healing from a broken heart is at the top of the list.

    Most people would rather feel like they did something wrong than to feel like the person they love desires to be alone or with someone else. 

    If it’s something you are not doing, then there is a sense of hope that you can fix it. 

    If someone desires someone else or to be single, there is little chance that you can fix that to benefit you. And human beings are creatures of hope.

    Your negative thoughts are driving your negative emotions. If you are like most people you may not even recognize that you have negative thoughts pulling you into the land of the scorned and bitter.

    It is going to take some work on your part but this is a critical step in transforming your love life.

    Find It Hard To Meet Quality Men
    Let go of this crazy idea that true love and passionate romance is this magical world where everything will just fall in place if things are meant to be. 

    It is possible that, if you believe this, you may grow very old waiting for the Tetris pieces of your life to align. 

    Television, music, and movies make this magical appearance of love seem romantic, but it is just a cover-up for our laziness.

    Showing people how much they are worth by putting forth effort is part of what creates seduction. Leaving things to chance is a recipe for disaster, and shows that you don’t take love and romance very seriously.
    Falling in love is more about psychology than magic. 

    I’m here to tell you that there is someone out there who wants you as much as you will want them.

    First impressions are everything, so if you come off to your new partner, friends, or even business associates as a complainer, then you will be known as the complainer. 

    If you come across as a passionate and purpose-driven person, then that is how you will be perceived. 

    First impressions can make or break your love story before it even begins.

    Make no mistake about it. We live in a visual world. When you walk through the grocery store, that guy/girl doesn’t look down the aisle at you and say, “Damn, girl. Check out his/her personality.” 

    It literally takes seconds for someone to decide if you could be a potential mate for him or her.

    In addition to being physically ready for the first impression, you must also be psychologically ready. NSA will help prepare you for your first encounter with your ideal mate.

    Want To Prepare For The Right Man
    You create your own luck. How do you do this? The key is to constantly grow and become a better “you” so that, when opportunity presents itself, you are ready. When the things you desire begin to manifest in your life due to you taking action, some people will refer to you as being lucky. However, it is your methodical study and repetition of thinking bigger, and more positively, that caused your greatness.
    Here is the big question.
    What actions should you take when it comes to finding love for yourself?

    I believe you have that answer buried inside you, but you need certain information, combined with your life experiences, to create your life as you see fit. This is why they have coaches in sports. It is hard to see the whole court or the field when you are on it.

    I want to say there is a universal blueprint for you to follow in order to be the right woman for the right man. The truth is we are all very different and there is no one like you on this planet.

    It would be great if you can be natural and let things unfold with confidence because your natural action is subconsciously an informed one. 

    Once we figure out what is preventing you from having the love life you want we can set a plan in place to address those issues.

    Want To Be A Better Spouse
    You have to pay attention to people because they subconsciously tell you how to love them. It’s not always with words. 

    Sometimes they do it with gestures. They show a blush here or a smile there.

    The worst thing to do is spend years with someone who can’t meet your needs and you can’t meet his or hers either. 

    It’s paramount to have a partner who loves you the way you need to be loved. 

    Some people have great sex and never take the time to evaluate if their potential partner is in the running for their heart. 

    If you don’t have a plan, then any road will lead you there.

    Sometimes your spouse may want or need certain things in order for his or her to feel satisfied in a relationship. 

    Identify your partner’s wants and needs that you naturally meet. 

    While doing this, you should also identify your partner’s wants and needs that don’t come as easily to you.

    Of course you can learn a great deal from conversing with your potential partner, but often it is more important to pay attention to their actions. 

    Sometimes people will tell you one thing, but their subconscious involuntary responses reveal exactly who they are.

    It could be as simple as a blush or a smile to let you know that you have struck something in them by your words or actions. 

    Often people show a flash of anger toward a subject, and they have no idea they have just given you a glimpse into what drives them crazy.

    Most of us spend so much time trying to be understood. 

    If you talk to someone about themselves, they will listen all day. 

    This is usually the case with men but is not limited to just guys. Most people will reveal who they are in their language. 

    When I speak of language, it doesn’t always have to be verbal. 

    A large part of communication comes from someone’s tone of voice and his or her body language. 

    Learn how to truly study your partner and apply the things you have learned.

    Sure your spouse may have many things they need to work on but there is no doubt that you will experience drastic change if only you decided to change.

    You were beyond a tiny part in my success story. Every time from the day I met my now fiance (OMG did just say that!!!!) I have referred to your book and workshop notes I took over a year ago! I'm still referring to them to this day and when I say I do next year! It hasn't been easy but it's been very worth it!! Thank You.

    Crystal Hall


    Dozens of video modules with hours of training that will show you ways to find the right partner or to refine and enhance the love you already have. You will also discover that many of the lesson will positively affect other areas of you life. 

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    What's Included
    • Never Settle: The Essential Guide To Finding And Keeping Your Ideal Mate - Ebook 
    • Personalized Development Plan and Assessment
    • 4 Private Calls With Trevor Treo Scott To Implement This Plan
    • Acceptance To The 60/40 VIP Facebook Group (For Long Term Support & training)
    • Hours of Interviews/Case Studies with married, divorced and single men/women 
    • Your personal artist will create a Custom Vision Drawing to coincide with your affirmation statement of how you want to see yourself.
    "After being divorced for 6 years the heavenly father has sent a special man in my life. We are engaged to he married in 2017, I would like to thank Trevor Treo Scott for helping me to think outside of the box and his book Never Settle was a great help in finding and letting someone in my life to love me for me."


    "I love how Trevor explains his different relationships and how they all ended up to finding his "one". Definitely the best dating and
    relationship advice and information! He also explains the whole "settling" part-- You'll miss the opportunity to be with the "right" person because the "wrong" person will be occupying that space."


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    What Are You Waiting For?
    Ready to experience transformation in your love life sooner than later?
    This Online Course Is For Women That:
    • Are serious about learning how to meet their boyfriend/husbands needs.
    • Want to take their relationship to the next level of long term happiness.
    • Want to start meeting quality men and be prepared when they do.
    • Want to date more efficiently and only spend time with men who deserve their time and attention.
    • Want to learn how to have more control over the emotions that are causing damage to their love life.
    • Want lasting love but realize they have never been taught how to find or keep it. 

    Trevor's words, not only positioned me to identify what I want and to how to find/keep my ideal partner, but it has also made me a better woman as a whole. In addition to finding your ideal, this truly is an essential guide on how to become your best YOU so you can attract not only what you desire out of love and relationships, but ultimately what you want and desire in all areas of you life. 

    "Trevor Scott has provided me with realistic resources and candid advice. He has gone out of his way to address random issues that have surfaced throughout my relationship...On Friday, October 16, 2015 I sat in a helicopter admiring the amazing view and soaking the memorable moment when my love asked me to be his wife!!!"

    Kimberly Ann

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